Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yelagiri Trip

There is very good information on the web about this small hill station. It is a budding tourist place and yet to fully commercialized.


How is the ride?
One will enjoy the cruise along the highway NH7 till Krishnagiri and then the Chennai - Bangalore Highway till Vanniyampadi. From there the State Highways are good. The Ghat section road is much better will solid embankments on the side.

How is the stay?
There are quite few accomplished names here. But just do not go by their name.

The following accomodations are good, but they cost around Rs1500 + Taxes per night for a room
  1. Sterling Resorts
  2. Hotel Hills
  3. Silent Water Retreat
  4. O'Nila

There are other modest hotels like
  1. Hotel Madhura
  2. Hotel Nigress
  3. Hotel Yelagiri

I feel there are no good restaurants around. I tried with Hotel Nigress and Hotel Hills restaurant, both are decent.

What to see?
Nothing big and fancy to see there. Enjoy the village atmosphere. Still the following are the some places that you can visit around.

  1. Boating on the lake and Park (Go for a evening boat ride, gate closes by 6 PM.)
  2. Swamimalai Trek (Start early in the morning around 7 AM. The trek should take aroung 3 to 4 hrs. Climb up the hill will be really tiresome)
  3. Nilavur boating (a very small tank with boating amenity)
  4. Telescope View point (Nothing great but fun to act like a child. You get good view of plains)

Important points:
Carry enough cash, No ATMs and No Credit Card acceptance anywhere
Fill up the fuel at the base, there is no petrol outlets on the top of the hill

Things to buy:
Honey and Jack fruit


Yelagiri is an ideal place to get out hussle-bussle of the city life and enjoy some rustic village atmosphere. Do not excpet any good amenities there. Keep your expectations low on this place.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Logitech optical mouse

For persons like me who spend day in and day out using computers, ergonomics is a MUST HAVE. If one does not pay enough attention to these issues, you will end up with RSI. Mouse, Keyboards and Monitors are primary tools that should adhere to ergonomics.

I have a DELL D620 at workplace and the DELL Mouse that comes with the laptop is quite huge and heavy to use. I always end the day with a slight niggling pain the hand.

On diagnosing that heavy mouse is the cause for the pain, I changed it to Logitech Optical Mouse. It costs around Rs 400/- in the market and it is pretty light to use.

Reliance Unlimited STD

I have been off from posting for a while. Had been a heck-a-lot of busy these days. I have collected a host of topics to write.

Reliance Communications has once again proved to be pioneer in the tariff reductions for mobile. With the TRAI reducing the ADC (access deficit charge), the price war started off once more.

Reliance came pounding with Unlimited STD calls for 496/= per month plan within reliance network. Airtel is still miles behind. They have just announced Rs 1.50 per minute for a STD call. It is compelling for users like me who spend hefty on STD calls. It is very tempting to switch to Reliance given that the number portability is there.