Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sloppy Billa music review on Rediff

Rediff has published music review of "Billa (new)" by Pavithra Srinivasan.

Frankly, the review sucks big time. Personally I didn't like any of songs of Billa. The review has given a 4 star. The review seems pretty much exaggerated.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How is public money spent in Karnataka

From the rediff article on how the public money gets wasted by the so-called elected politicians...

"A political crisis is viewed as disastrous in terms of development of the state. Investors are scared to invest, projects hang in balance thus giving the people an additional headache. However if there is someone who is happy is the old car dealer.

Thanks to unstable governments and new netas occupying the chair every now and then due to political instability, 125 official cars have been auctioned off.

The reason -- new ministers refuse to use the cars used by their predecessors for superstitious reasons."

"Each time the government changes, the state coughs up at least Rs 10 crore on new cars, sources said."

"The maintainence of the cars used by all the ministers comes up to a whooping Rs 3.5 crore a month."

Source: Rediff news

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Aquaguard - Another bashing at their poor service

When you are a proud owner of any of the aquaguard water purifiers, you ought to face the shoddy customer service. I have inova model and this is my experience.

1. On the first year of the product, you are deemed to get free service every 6 months. This won't happen automatically with aquaguard, you have to remember your service cycle and pester them repeatedly to get their attention.

2. The service guy has inadequate knowledge about the parts and has to get telephonic support

3. Better be vigilant while the service guy performs the service. In my case, we found that the filter is broken, the service guy notified that to us. Then he spoke to his manager and reverted back saying that the filter is normal. On pushing, we found that he has been asked by his manager to tell so. Secondly he promised us to replace the filter and later we found out that his intention was to replace using a used spare filter. On being adamant of getting a fresh filter, he promised one by pulling it out of a fresh product.

4. Service guy has no tools. He doesn't carry any plumbing tools.

Any reviews on how the Philips Water purifier is performing?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Only at bangalore

You get to see this only in bangalore, when you travel to Residency Road via Double Road, there is a flyover and right on the middle of the flyover is a traffic signal.

Doesn't it sound beating basic purpose of having a flyover?

Monday, November 05, 2007


I wanted to visit Coorg (aka Scotland of India) for a long time. Finally I made it with a 3-day trip. For this trip I made self-arrangements for stay and commute (Guys, if you want to know the contacts, get in touch).

Home stay @ Temple view estate
(The ideal choice will be a nice home stay in a reclusive coffee estate. But there are plenty in Coorg in various tariff ranges)
The host were very cordial and friendly. They served us a very sumptuous breakfast and dinner.

(It is better to have a car at your disposal)

From Bangalore - Mercara is around 250kms.
Bangalore - Srirangapatna - Ranganthittu - Hunsur - Mercara
I stayed in Biramada (near Ammathi). So I took a diversion after Hunsur that takes me to Virajpet.
Places to see:
Coorg is a district and there are lot of places to see. Mercara is the capital.

  1. Abby Falls
  2. Raja Seat
  1. Nisargadhama is place where cauvery forks and rejoins to create a small island with bamboo forest
  2. Golden Temple - It is in Tibet settlement area. The temple has a 62ft Buddha statue covered with gold plates.
  3. Harangi Dam - Huge dam with a span of ~2500m across cauvery. This has very nice view.
Dubare Elephant camp is place where the elephants are tammed and trained. You have to cross the wild cauvery river to reach the camp.

Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary:
En route you can spare some time to do bird watching

More info:

Photos: (Canon PS A720 IS)

Estate house @ Temple View Estate

Withering flower @ Temple View estate

Flora @ Temple View estate

Flora @ Temple View estate

Pepper Plant @ Temple View Estate

Rain drops @ Temple View Estate

Rain drops @ Temple View Estate

Dew drops @ Temple View Estate

Coffee estate @ Temple View Estate

Coffee Estate @ Temple View Estate

Estate @ Temple View Estate

Private road at the estate

Coffee beans @ Temple View Estate

Raja Seat

Sun Set @ Raja Seat

Panaromic view @ Raja Seat

Dry Tree @ Raja Seat

Abby Falls

Abby Falls

Abby Falls (increased Shutter lag)

Big spider @ Abby falls

Another one @ abby falls

bamboo forests @ Nisarghadhama

Hanging bridge @ Nisarghadhama

Cauvery @ Nisarghadhamma

Harangi dam gates (closed)

Harangi Dam from longshot

Golden temple tower

Golden temple entrance

Buddha @ Golden Temple

Cauvery @ Dubare

Cauvery @ Dubare

Dubare Elephant camp

Cauvery @ Dubare

Birds @ Ranganthittu

Birds @ Ranganthittu

Lily @ Ranganthittu

Birds @ Ranganthittu