Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Canon Powershot A570 IS

Canon Powershot A570 IS has been reviewed by (after a long time, since this camera was released sometime during Feb 2007 time). The verdict is that this camera packs a lot of features for a very lower price.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cauvery Fishing Camp

Last Saturday, our work team did a outing to Cauvery Fishing Camp, a fishing resort run by jungle lodges and resorts. It is located at about 100kms from Bangalore near Muttatti village. The camp is very calm and serene with lush green vegetation all around. One could hear the river flow sound all the time.

Day trip:
Rs 850 per head (includes lunch and high tea and activities)

1. Trek to a near by peak (amazing view from the top of the hill)
2. Coracle ride on the river

Photos: (Canon PS A720IS)

Butterfly Macro

Tree in the water (long exposure)

River flow (long exposure)

Cauvery Panaromic

From the coracle

Dragonfly Macro

Eastern ghats Panaromic

Way to the camp

Lush Green


Trek path

View from the peak

View from the peak

View from the watch tower at the peak

View from the watch tower at the peak

View from the watch tower at the peak

View from the watch tower at the peak

View from the watch tower at the peak

Friday, October 19, 2007


Kolam is one of the ways to accord a traditional welcome in South India. I found one such being done in the office.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tips to copy preserving dir structure

I had this weird requirement. I had to copy a set of different files from different directories from a source folder to a target folder and preserve the directory structure. For instance

Source File: c:\temp\test\abc.txt
Target Folder: e:\test

Copy the Source File into the Target folder preserving the dir structure. I need to achieve the following after copying

The best solution is to create a jar/zip file and keep on appending it with the file entries. Then copy the jar/zip file to target folder and extract the files. This will keep the directories preserved.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the return journey

On the way back to home from SFO, I had Powershot A720IS at my disposal. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

At Residence Inn:

Welcome to Residence Inn

Hotel entrance

Profile view

View right out at the hotel entrance

View from the hotel


Lane to the hotel

Pedestrian lane

SFO Airport:

Hallway to the Gates

Emblem on the floor

Wall Painting

Hongkong Airport:


Hallway to Gates

Infinite gates

Waiting Lounge


At Singapore:

Cable car to Sentosa Island

View from the cable car

View down from the cable car

Vivo City

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dirty Politics

Everyone knew about the political turmoil that was going on in Karnataka. JD(S) dishonored the pact with BJP that they entered about 20 months back to form the coalition government.

If JD(S) can cheat a major political party, think about what they will do to common man. I am not taking sides. But what will common man get from the government formed by such political parties. They change their stand so often that no one could rely on them. Still they are voted to the Legislative Assembly. Isn't that a shame for India and Politics practiced in the country?

Canon Powershot A650 IS service note

Canon Powershot A650 IS is one of the recently launched powershot series camera. This camera came along with A720 IS (the one which I bought). There is a service note from Canon today on A650 IS.

Canon has identified a light leak affecting a limited number of its Powershot A650 IS cameras. The affected cameras have a zero as the fifth digit of their serial numbers and Canon have pledged to repair them at no charge via their local factory service centers.

More details over here.