Monday, February 21, 2005

Agrarian duties

I was depressed over the past week's developments and was trying to recuperate and come over it. Spent a nice time relaxing at home. Tried to redistribute my attention to various other personal issues at hand. Took a couple of indoor shots (mostly macro), enjoyed my time relaxing and lying on the brand new sofa set.

It is a teak wood sofa with thick 6 inch cushion and provides hard support to the lumbar. This makes comforatbale sitting. But I felt that the cushion is bit hotter and leads to sweating.

So what is the title upto? After the pretty relaxing stuff, thought of helping my dad with his agrarian duties. For the first time, got into cultivation field and took care of irrigation of the fields. We are cultivating oil seeds. Our farm comes under LBP (Lower Bhavani Project) irrigation scheme. In the mean while also learnt the internals of this irrigation scheme.

1 Acre Land = 1 hr of water for irrigation (Though it is insufficient still have to manage with it).
Rather than time based control, the irrigation should be based on quantity. There are lot of negative factors that plays spoil sport.

This scheme provides water continuously for every alternate 10 days. This should continue until end of april to complete the cultivation (but this depends on the water level in the bhavani reservoir and the mood of mighty politicians). The irony is that everthing is controlled by idotic politicians who are devoid of skills to adjudge the situation and are narrow minded with selfish attitude.

There are 51 acres of cultivable land associated together and we get the turn to irrigate every 51 hrs. So it is going to be hard time for my dad as he need to do it over the night.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Photo post

Ok, This is my first photo to the blog. I just downloaded picasa and hello. It is seamless and intutive. So from now on, my travel logs should reside in blogspot.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Aero India 2005

I just came back from the Aero India 2005, Yelahanka, Bangalore. I went to witness the Aero show. It was awesome. Indian fighter jets showing their pweress, acrobatics and maneuverability.

This show really proved some subtle points which I thought could be done only in movies and is mostly camera tricks. All those drills where performed live.

In the helicopter category I saw, Advanced Light Helicopter(Dhurv) and Chetan. 3 ALH did fly in a close formation. Really can't believe the angle at which these monsters took a turn. The agility was put to real test. I was stumbled when I saw them going backwards (reverse gear), floating in air and nose-up flying and nose-down flying.

Fighters jet included Sukoi 30 MKI, Mig 29, Sea harriers, Jagurs. All of them were amazing, performing incredible drills, which I had to believe. I was awestuck when I saw a free fall of Su30 with revolutions. Jagur was in perfect speed, unable to track with the naked eye. Sea harrier showed us the creeping landing (Reminding True-Lies movie in which Arnold takes off the Sea harrier landed on the road). Su30MKI power was incredible, it passed us with very low speed and at very low altitude and then suddenly zoomed up at an amazing speed.

In the foreign flight category, there was Hawk jet from British (It is a stage II trainer, which India is planning to buy). LCA(Tejas) the indigeniously build super sonic fighter was also displayed. There was display of various trainer jets like AJT, Navy copters, and army's version of ALH. Army performed a drill of airlifting and dropping troops and their machinaries using their helicopters.

Then came the Suriyakirans (a set of 9 flights in formation). 3 planes took off simultaneously. They performed various formations and I was dumbstuck when they flew direct opposite and took a 90 degree turn away (Reminds me of Pearl Harbour movie). There did lot of drills and formations. The best and the timely one was drawing an artine and arrow (Valentine's day spl, using colors from their exhaust).

Akash Ganga team concluded the show with their brave display of paratrooping.

Rat Hunt

As the clock was ticking towards 12 midnight, I was preparing the bed for my sleep. I was reading Angels and demons relaxingly. Suddenly I felt something creeping on the bedside. Something came running and i was awe stuck, it was a huge rat. Then started the Rat hunt drama.

The shocking sound from me, made everyone (even sleeping roommates) to awake. We made a plot and decided to let the rat escape. Closed all the doors and kept one door open so that the rat can take a safe passage and get out of the house (without bothering us too much).

Everybody was trying to scare the rat so that it will run out of the house. But the rodent took all this is in opposite sense and was trying to hide itself. I was having a bat and trying to hit it in the ground to scare the rat. All of the sudden, the rat came right between the bat and ground and got a hit. I guess, the hit was huge and it would broke its skull, leading to some kind of brain haemorrhage. It twisted and died in seconds. Though I did it unintentionally, the unlucky rodent had its end from my hand.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Assimilate the learnings

This thought was going in me for quite some time now.

I tend to forget the things that I learned a few days back. When I go through it again, everything looks fresh as if I am seeing it for the first time. Though we tend to forget the facts and learnings, I feel that this is quite unnatural. Some where in an artcile, it was stated that the facts/learnings stored in our memory gets faded out day by day and hence refreshing the memory in time is quite important.

When I did a self analysis about this, I found that I missed an important step while learning something. There was not assimilation. I learned something (in a fast pace) and found that everything is understandable to me and never bothered to absorb the learnings. The facts learned were in a kind of temproray memory and got quickly erased. Hence I forgot it sooner and looked fresh to me.

From now on, learning should happen at your own pace of assimilation! Otherwise there is not fruitfulness is learning something.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Peaceful weekend

After a good work-filled week, the weekend was also good and peaceful.

Over the weekend, spent time just relaxing at home, eating sleeping and reading 'Angels and Demons by Dan Brown'. This novel has a similar plot like Da Vinci Code, but still the author keeps the thrill.

Every period cannot be completely green altogether, there will be black spot. Even this weekend too had one... had a spiteful attack of migrain on Sat night. Somehow this time I recovered soon with just a night sleep. The usual hangover that remains for a day is not there this time (lukcy me !)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Incomprehensible question

Last weekend I had a chance to meet some of my (rarely met) relatives, whom doesn't get apprised about my current doings. After the usual exchanges of well beings and wishes, the first question that I get is "what am I doing now?" Unfazed, I answer them promptly (according to their level of understanding) that I have started working. The immediate next question (without any exceptions) is that they ask me how much do I get as a compensation? I had to patch, blabber and get something out to answer it.

I am really stumbled when everybody asked me the same question. Immatter how close/known they are to me? Why the hell do they want to know my remuneration? Are they going to judge me based on my remuneration? They are not going to any financial dealing with me! Still without any reluctancy they ask me that?

Now I have decided to answer the question with another question? "why do you want to know ?"