Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chidambaram Trip

So after a long gap I did a trip to Chidambaram.

How to reach:
Rail: Mysore - Mayiladuthurai Express.
Chidambaram is ~45kms from Mayiladuthurai

Places to visit:
1. Natarajar Temple
2. Pichavaram (Mangrove forest)

Shot from train

Postcard shot

Temple entrance

Another entrance (four entrances all look alike)

Inside the mangrove forest

One more shot inside the forest(~3000 acres and 4000 odd canals)

One of the main canal connecting to sea

At dusk

Bird's view of the mangrove forest

KPN monopoly rant

I really feel mundane to rant about the pathetic transport service run by KPN and their sheer monopoly. I happened to recently travel to Erode in their day service bus (as it was the only last resort left with me). The bus was scheduled to depart at 3:00 pm (as per the ticket) from Bommanahalli boarding point. (Read it in sarcastic tone) To much of my surprise the bus arrived promptly at 5:00 pm. The boarding point office lacks all the basic passenger ammenities which one gets in decent bus-stand.

The bus started around 5:15pm and snailed to Hosur around 6:30pm and then reached Salem around 10:30 pm. The bus did not stop anywhere for dinner. Shortly after departing Salem, the bus got a flat tyre. I had to abandon my plan of reaching Erode and had to alight at Sangakiri at 11:45 pm.

Travel time from Bangalore to Sankagiri: 11hrs 15 mins

How good bus service after paying a premium?

  • No restroom facility at Bommanahalli boarding office
  • No Dinner stop
  • No Restroom stop
  • Bus did not had a torch / search light. (I had to lend my mobile light to help the crew rectify the flat tyre)
Is there any other bus service to Erode / Salem apart from KPN that does have decent service?