Saturday, June 19, 2004

Great Gmail.

I got my Gmail account last week. It is really astonishing to see the new mail interface. I see that gmail has created a new paradigm in web mail interface. The cool features makes me stick to it for the whole day.

Even better, gmail has started storage wars among the free web mail providers.
Yahoo has upgraded its mail storage to 100MB. Rediff has upgraded to 1GB.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

After a long three years...

Yeah, I got my first new bike. It has been after long three years of waiting, I did got one for me. I just wanted to go back and see what is the x factor that prevented me from getting one when all the teens had their own favorite two wheeler.

It is not surely the money factor. If it so, then I would have opted for loan. Every tom, dick and harry are having the previledge and are being given loans for everything. I guess soon, even your household groceries can be bought with an instant sactioned , 0% interest loan. What else???

I could see two reasons, the bad time and the real need for it. Also there is no motivation from my pals as they did not have one either. Let me see how having a bike changes my life in bangalore...

Crunching Summer

I am going to have a hard time this summer, as I opted to take two courses to complete my graduation. It pricks me a lot. Need to work all through the day in the weekends. There will be hardly no time to relax (I getting pretty bad nowadays :-), started cynical on the first weekend of the class..probably the luxury of holidays had changed me a bit.)

Let me try and put my hard work now.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Waiting to get a gmail.

This is my first post!
Everybody is thronging to get a gmail account. Amd me too on the same boat.
Wanted to try my luck with the blogger where you get an invitation for the gmail account. But I was not that lucky I guess.