Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Krishnagiri KRP Dam

Trip time:
1 day

Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri (~100kms)


Best time to visit:
Post monsoon (Sep)

Krishnagiri KRP dam is a very small dam. It is located off NH-7 near krishnagiri. Ideal to visit for relaxation when you are en route to some other destination. There is also a park adjoining to the dam.


Sluice gates

View from the dam


Desktop shot

On the dam

Rocky terrain



Road around the dam

Head on

Panoramic view

Parking near IIMB Postoffice

If you wish to use IIMB post office, earlier you have leave your vehicle on the road and pray for luck. This public office does not have a parking space and IIMB does not allow outside vehicles for parking inside the campus. There is a Nirmala Public Restroom facility with no parking space on the same road. Bangalore Traffic Police had been very prompt in towing your vehicle for the No Parking offense in these areas.

For once my luck did not favor me and I had to pay fine (Rs100) along with towing charges (Rs200) to traffic police. Now, there is parking sign near the post office. Wondering who woke the bangalore traffic police.


Spotted this blue TATA Nano in my native town. It was a sure shot head turner. Everyone passing by had a good look at the car. I just peeked inside to find that the car can accommodate 4 adults.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jog falls

Trip time:

Bangalore - Shimoga - Sagara - Jog falls (~375kms)
Used KSTDC Tour package

Hotel Shant - accommodation to refresh yourself in the morning

KSTDC website
This web page has the itinerary

Best time to visit:
Post monsoon (August)

This is the first time I used the KSTDC services. It is one of the care-free ways to visit Jog falls. I have quiet a lot of review to write about them.

First on the reservation. They have a website and online booking. Unfortunately, Jog falls tour package is not listed for online booking. One can book this tour package through various authorized agents or visit central reservation office at Badami House. Reservation at badami house is hassle free.

The KSTDC bus looked new and clean. We started sharp on time and was punctual through out the trip. KSTDC ran the tour even when the bus was not full (min 10 bookings required to run the tour). The accommodation arranged by KSTDC in Sagara for the morning refresh was below standards. The room was dinghy and smelly. Usually, 4 people are accommodated in a room. We stopped for breakfast at Sagara itself and the restaurant was below average.

Then we were taken to keladi temple, Jog falls - British bungalow view, Linganmaki dam view point and Jog falls main view. Lunch was at KSTDC Mayura restaurant which was again below normal. We started back to bangalore at 5:30pm and stopped for nice dinner at shimoga.



Stay @ Sagara

Tank @ Keladi

Tank @ Keladi

Temple @ Keladi

Temple @ Keladi

Vegetation due to incessant rains @ Keladi


British bungalow view

Main falls starting

Deep down end point

Misty flow


Entire falls

Mahatma Gandhi hydel power station

Raja, Rani, Rocker, Roarer view

View from bottom of the falls

Sheets of water

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google Maps mashup idea

We all knew that Google Maps is an ideal tool for finding places, directions, terrain, traffic and street view. I regularly use Google Maps to find directions to drive and see street view to get accustomed with the route.

With the fundamental infrastructure in place, I am thinking, could we line up the street view photos and take users on a virtual drive along on the driving directions. Such a mashup should give a virtual tour of the route. It will easy drive on the route direction and locate landmarks along the route.

Such a mashup will entail lot of bandwidth to get all the photos along the route and the load on the server serving the photos will be high.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

USB Write Protector

There was a false alarm of virus infection in my SanDisk Cruzer micro USB drive. This triggered me to think how good it will be to have write protection (hardware) in the USB drive.

There were lot of software solutions to this. But the utility needs to be installed in all the computers from which you will access the USB drive. This makes the utility cumbersome to use and also reduces the USP of USB drives.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Iomega Select Portable HDD

As part of 10 yrs of Iomega in India promotion, we were offered Iomega products at
33% discount from the MRP. There were additional discounts on certain products as well.

Most of the sale were related to portable HDDs. I picked up Iomega Select Portable HDD - 250GB drive. The Select range of portable HDD has fiber cover which offers better look, grip and static proof compared to aluminum casings in other ranges.

The HDD came with a USB cable and quick user guide. Iomega offered us Retrospect software as backup solution with 3yrs of extended warranty.

The portable HDD is pre-formatted for Windows and runs like a charm. The USB2.0 is real fast in copying the contents. The Select model has ventilation gaps for heat dissipation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jira Firefox Extension

My office uses Jira as bug tracking tool. Quick search option in Jira is really useful to peak into the bug details when you know the bug ID. In my perspective, the deterrent to this feature is, one has start the browser, navigate to the jira site and then do a quick search.

To simplify, I developed a small firefox extension through which you can enter the bug ID and it directly takes you to the bug page.

In the course of this, I got a few good links to firefox plugin development.

Firefox Extension Devlopment
XUL Controls - MDC

If you are interested in the extension, pls leave a comment.
Note: This extension is not generic enough to support all Jira deployments.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Onion Pakoda

Something crispy, spicy and hot to munch on a chilly-drizzling monsoon evening always tickles the taste-buds. Tried onion pakoda on a such occasion this week.

(Onion, Coriander leaves, Bonda mix, salt to taste)


Ready to serve

Friday, June 05, 2009

Connecting multiple monitors to laptop

It is widely acclaimed that having multiple monitors increases the productivity. One gets wider viewing area and having different applications opened in the monitors helps you to concentrate and work better. I had been toying with this idea for a while and seem to reap some benefits.

Hardware setup
Dell D630 laptop
Dell Docking station (model: PR01x)
Two 19' Dell monitors

Software setup
Win XP

Use the usual VGI video cable to connect first monitor.
Use the DVI cable to connect the second monitor.
The docking station should have support for DVI port.

Now, you need to configure your OS to use two monitors.

With Win XP, Go to Display Properties and attach the second monitor.
Identify and check both the monitors
One can swap the monitor position on the Display properties window to suit your monitor placement
Install MultiMon (freeware) to get the Taskbar on the second monitor

Other Resources

Thursday, June 04, 2009


NH7 (bangalore to salem) is completely four lane now. I have been able to consistently do bangalore - salem(200kms) in 3hrs 15mins.

Driving the Krishnagiri - Thoppur section is a bliss now. This road section is build and maintained by L&T. Rs 48/- is the toll charges for cars. They have user amenities like restrooms, emergency communication systems, patrols and ambulances available at the disposal.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Pink Pearch Fish Fry

This happens when the culinary mood kicks in during the weekend.

Adopted recipe from here.

Apply masala on pink pearch.
(Grind soaked rice, soaked red dry chili, green chili, coriander leaves, mint leaves, clove, garlic, pepper, tomato and salt to taste)

Leave it to dry for a while

Fry it with little oil

Fry on both sides

Garnish to serve