Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Air pollution check

The Hindu (30-Nov-2005) reported that in Bangalore "Care for Air" campaign has been launched. The report highlights that autos running on adulterated fuel causes major concern.

" Autorickshaws running on adulterated fuel are causing concern. Diesel and petrol are mixed with kerosene and used engine oils."

I would like to suggest an active feedback mechanism to check the air pollution caused by autos. Connect the auto exhaust to the driver. Autos has exhaust openings in the back. Extend that exhaust pipe and put it in front of the drivers face. This is the active feedback mechanism that I have devised.

I got this idea from software management process where active feedback about the process is considered as important. Similarly the auto drivers needs to know how much they pollute the air. Let them enjoy the nonsense they create. What say!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bloglines feeds omit pictures

I have seen this happening multiple times in bloglines. When you have subscribed to a blog and if the post contains pictures along with text, the pictures are omitted. Often most of the pictures are missed. This little bug is pretty annoying as I need to get back to the blog the see the pictures.

Since this happens irrespective of the blog hosting sites, I am guessing that this issue has to do with bloglines and not with the webhosts or rss.

First hand experience with Nokia 770

We had a non-boring weekend with a new gadget at our disposal. Nokia 770 Tablet PC gave us a good company. Usual lull weekends was replaced by active testing of Nokia 770. I am pretty spell-bound at looks of this pretty tablet PC.

The first thing that stuck me is that the tablet PC runs on a customized ported version of Linux. Pretty inspiring to get a feel of that. Second best is the highly usable UI in that platform. Hooking the tablet to internet using the Wi-fi is a breeze. With the stylus as the input medium you have choices of using a Virtual Keyboard or hand-written recognition as the input medium. You get the input medium popped up when you get the focus to a text-box where data can be entered. The hand-written recognition was pretty sturdy and handled the scribblings well.

The tablet PC comes pre-installed with highly used standard set of applications like PDF reader, Browser, Notes, Calc, Audio/Video player, Games (Chess, Majo, etc), Email and IM. One could also install applications of their own choice. Additional memory slot is available.

All together it is a handy gadget for frequent travelers.

A review of Nokia 770 from The Register, UK.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Nat Geo programs sucks

I really mean it. I had a couple of such bad experiences with Nat Geo. They do not really produce the program up to their hype. It is not about the content they present but the way the program is produced. It really sucks :-(

Nat Geo Investigates:
Slot: Weekdays @ 10 pm
The much hyped series is about Nat Geo investigating and throwing some light on the complicated investigations of major/critical accidents or incidents.

This program runs for an hour with commercial breaks in between. And after each break they recap the incidents from zero. I bet if you turn on to the program even on the last minute you should be able to catch up the crux of the investigation. They drag the program with no contents to cover up the entire slot.
They dilute the entire contents though they use advanced graphics and other technologies to re-enact the incidents.

Nat Geo Mission Udaan:
Slot: Sundays @ 10pm
From their website:
"Bombing orders, strategy meetings, top secret briefings. Everything that happens behind the closed doors of the IAF is about to be thrown open. Hear directly from the Marshal of the IAF as he tells you, in his own words, what it takes to keep the IAF fighting fit. ThereƂ’s only one show in the world that can show you all this. Nat Geo, in association with the Indian Air Force, presents Mission Udaan. A unique reality series that will take you right into the heart of the IAF."

On their first show yesterday they didn't keep up their words. I got really frustrated. I am a bit excited about planes and jets. Given a chance I wish I could know more about IAF, its operations and the jets. Nat Geo opened the show with a footage from Kargil and how the IAF helped Army to recapture the peaks. That is the end of it.

Then they showed the history of IAF and pre-independence existence. The one hour show went on without telling us about the current status of IAF and their capabilities. The program then took us to the selection of cadres which Nat Geo has organized in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and their process.

Does this program stick to the statement that is given?
I feel it is not worth tuning to Nat Geo any more.


One night @ Call Center is the novel that I read over the last week. It is by Chetan Bhagat, his second novel after the bestseller Fivepoint Someone novel. It is good to see an Indian writer writing novels targeting Indian readers and printed & published by an Indian publishing house (Ruppa & Co). The reason that I say that the novel targets Indian readers is because the story line is much more what you see around you.

In terms of my personal review, I feel that ON@CC has not made that good impact on me as Fivepoint Someone did. I think the following are the reasons
1. The author picks the same personal narrative style used in his previous novel. He tells the story through the character.
2. The qualities of the hero is as same as the one in Fivepoint Someone. An average guy who lacks self-confidence.
3. The hero-in fills the same quarters of the story as characterized in the previous novel. The hero and hero-in goes for dates and have physical relationships.
4. Finally the hero recognizes his potential gains confidence.

At the outset the storyline feels one and the same.
The usage of simple and less complicated words makes much sense for the Indian public as the majority are not that well articulated. The less confusing plot also adds up the point.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


It is my 27th Birthday. The day break passed on smoothly without much fanfare which use to happen in college days. I guess all of us are growing up so no more bumps. Got a whole lot of wishes from friends in all circles.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bangalore Traffic

I was not used to bangalore traffic until recently. My office use to reside pretty close (2-3 kms) to my residence and I do not cross major roads or traffic signals. When people complained about traffic snarls and crumbling infrastructure, it made very little sense to me. Though I understand their concerns, it wasn't pain in the butt for me.

Now I need to do a long (8-9 kms) daily commute to the office. And I go through Koramangala inner ring road, Domlur junction and Airport Road. All these roads are pretty congested during the peak hours and now I really feel the pain in the butt. On an average with average traffic the commute takes about 25 mins. The same commute during peak hours jumps twice that is, takes 50 - 60 mins.

I do see a lot many ways to improve the traffic congestion.
1. Sync-up the traffic signals
2. Place bus-stops at less congested places (Only in bangalore I have seen bus-stops immediately after a turn which adds up to the traffic woes)
3. Put proper medians along the road
4. Construct Fly-overs for congested junctions

The incessant rains has done enough damage to road surfaces. Take a look of the potholes that has been left in the city roads from bangalorepothole site.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Natwar in bench

You might be aware of the recent news about Volcker report and its repercussions. Natwar Singh has been striped off his external affairs portfolio, which literally means that he is in bench now.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gmail down

It seems that GMail is suffering. I have never noticed this long down time period for GMail. I guess something majorly got messed up. I see lot of people also reporting the same.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CellOne Plan 100 for Central/State govt employees

Quiet a novel and useful way to catch market.

BSNL CellOne has introduced a cheap post paid plan for Central/State government employess "Plan 100".
With monthly rental of 100 Rs and rest other deposits and connection charges waived off, this is quiet a good plan to opt for low call volume government servants. This will rake up the number of mobile connections that BSNL CellOne will own.

Logistical failure of movie halls in Erode

Last weekend I along with my parents and brother went for a movie (Ghajini, the latest release in Tamil staring Surya and Asin) in Erode. It is very rare that we go out for a movie. One reason being that my parents are not movie buffs (they like to peacefully relax at home munching snacks in the evening).

So the evening unfolded as myself and my brother went ahead to book tickets for the movie. The movie hall doesn't have a booking. Second major logistical failure is that the tickets doesn't have seat number. So after getting the ticket you have rush to the hall to secure your seats. Pathetic :-). This rule is same for all class of tickets right from second, first class and even for Balcony.

One good thing is that TamilNadu government has banned smoking and spitting in movie halls. So the canteen no more sell Cigarettes, Paans and Gutkas. Way to go!