Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Low Cost Computing

It has been the need of the hour. With everything going digital way, low cost computer should evolve to occupy the vaccum. This step will surely improve the computer penetration into the masses. Mobilis by Encore Software is one such computer built with such envisage.

Does this mean that India has done its contribution?

I feel we still have miles to go ahead. Though we have raised the bar of affordability, we still need to catch on the usability of these gadgets. We should improve our network infrastructure so that all these pretty instruments could be hooked on to netwrok to unlease the power of networking to the common man. We could do wonders with these little gadgets and having them connected to internet.


Govar said...

Sub 10 K price tag is fine, but consideering that its common guys who use it, Linux is certanly not the OS to be loadedd. But I guess its fne in India... piracy takes care of the rest.

Rajakumar said...

KDE in linux has gone leaps and bounds. Check out KDE 3.3 shipped with Fedora Core 3 version of Linux. I just stumbled upon it and it looks awesome. Though there is still room for usability improvement, but it is the way to go. But MS Office wins hands down. And I read in a recent report that all Windows users end up using MS Office tools 80% of their time.