Monday, March 27, 2006

Petrol bunk cheating

Cheating at petrol bunks is very rampant in India. It is done at various levels,either through adulteration (mixing kerosene with petrol) or tampering with the quantity.

I just came across an incident today, when I went to fill in petrol for my bike in a Bharat Petroleum bunk on the koramangala inner ring road. I was forced to fill in at this unusual place as my bike was in almost dry condition and I missed out the usual place when I regularly fill-in.

The service guy at the bunk was acting very hastily. I was keeping a watch on the meter at the pump, then another guy distracted my attention. Before I could realize the service guy finished filling in and has reset the meter. By no way I could ensure that he filled in the correct quantity. I was suspicious that he would have cheated at the least 1/2 litre of petrol from me. To support my claim the bike went to reserve mode even before I could travel another 5 kms.

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