Wednesday, July 05, 2006

AIIMS Director dismissed

Though it is an expected news, it is quiet appalling to know the dirty politics played by PMK. The "egoistic" Union health minister Anbumani has avenged by dismissing Dr Venugopal, director of AIIMS, as he took a soft stand on the reservation issue. Read the story in The Week to know how much Dr Venugopal is respected in the institute. These politicians are taking our countries premier institutes for a ride.


Harita said...

It is shocking that we allow politicians to decide the fate of eminent people on this country. What right does Ambumani have to do this?

Tamilan said...

What else can you expect from a casteist, self serving arse hole like Anbumani, son of the Dr. Ramadoss - a filth of an politician who unbashed used caste based divisive politics to serve his own needs!

As long as these selfish, treacherous, egoist politicians call the shots, India can just dream of becoming a developed country.

Get rid of these scoundrels, whip them in public, disgrace them by banning from holding any public office