Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adieu to Kalam

Tomorrow our honorable president Dr Kalam will be stepping down as President of India. This will leave way for Pratibha Patil to take over. One could see high tributes being paid to Kalam for his stature and vision that he shared with every Indian.

To the best of my knowledge, Dr Kalam is the best president that our country had so far. It is mind blowing to see a president embrace technology to such an extent at his ripe age (never seen a president doing a powerpoint show sharing his vision for the country). I am on the belief that his passion for teaching and interacting with students kept him up to date with the technology and its usage.

I never had a chance to know about the incoming president. So commenting on whether she would fit into the role of a president is unfair. Apparently for any person, to fit into the large shoes left over by Kalam will be a daunting task.

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