Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Canon Powershot A650 IS service note

Canon Powershot A650 IS is one of the recently launched powershot series camera. This camera came along with A720 IS (the one which I bought). There is a service note from Canon today on A650 IS.

Canon has identified a light leak affecting a limited number of its Powershot A650 IS cameras. The affected cameras have a zero as the fifth digit of their serial numbers and Canon have pledged to repair them at no charge via their local factory service centers.

More details over here.


Anonymous said...

hi raja,

ur golf skills need some improvement... BTW nice pics though.

Anonymous said...

Hi raja,

There is a serious requirement for you to improve the golf skill especially you can not hit without knowing where the target is.

But nice pics though ....

Rajakumar said...

I could not understand the context of your comments. Reveal your identity or else make your comment descriptive enough.

1. I hadn't mentioned anything about golf.

2. This post doesn't have any pictures.