Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hampi Trip

Trip time:

Bangalore to Hospet - Hampi Express
Hospet to Hampi (14kms) - local autowala (haggle for ~100Rs)

Ranjana Guest House, Hampi (~1000Rs for a day)


The best website to know all about hampi. Has extensive details on all aspects.

Best time to visit:
Winter season (rest of the year, it will be hot)

Day 1:
Cover the sacred part of hampi
Virupaksha temple, Hemakutta hill, Vitalla temple, Kadalekalu Ganesha, Sasivekalu Ganesha, hampi bazaar and adjoining areas

One can do this section by walk. Otherwise could hire an auto or moped to do a tour.

Day 2:
Tungabadra dam (5 kms from Hospet) and Royal Enclosure section of hampi
Underground Shiva temple, King's palace, Noble men's quaters, Queen's palace, Queen’s bath, Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stable

Need an auto / moped to cover this part.

Day 3:
Krishna Temple, Lakshmi Narasimha and Virupapur Gadde (other side of TB river)

Can hire a bicycle or by walk.

Hampi is a historical site. Prepare yourself to face rocks, boulders, stones, carvings, dilapidated temples and ruined palaces. The scared section of hampi and bazaar are infected by local tourists and looks in bad shape. Rest of the places are less crowded (comparatively).

Prepare yourself for a basic stay and facilities. Hampi is still a village with lot of foreigners. Being a typical tourist place, arm yourself to fight against getting cheated at all the places.


Virupaksha temple

Dilapidated mantap @ Hemakutta hill

Bazaar @ Virupaksha temple

On way to vittala temple

Vittala temple gopuram @ dusk

Vittala temple

Musical pillars @ vittala temple

TB river enroute to vittala temple

TB river enroute to vittala temple

Postcard shot of boulders

TB dam

From the gardens @ TB dam

Underground shiva temple

Ruined noble mens quaters

Near King's palace

Ruined mahal @ dusk

Stepped tank

Another monument

Lotus mahal

Elephant stable

Lakshmi Narasimha

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