Thursday, September 01, 2005

Airtel Services....

Really SUCKS :-(

My roommate Gops has narrated his experience with the shoddy Airtel Customer Service. Here is one that I faced in the recent past.

In our house, there are six Airtel connections and we live in prime residential area in Bangalore. Out of the six, couple of them are corporate connections. Often (almost every time) the call gets disconnected if we try to receive one from inside the house. The model of handset has no significance. The case is valid across both Nokia and Motorola models. One could see us rushing out of the house if a call comes in.

I had to receive an early morning call from my parents and the call dropped numerous times even when I moved out of the house to the balcony. It is frustrating when you had something important and calls drop off abruptly. It screwed up the whole thing.

Out of infuriation, I tried to reach the Airtel customer service to complain. The connection that I own is personal connection and I had a hard time crossing the Airtel tune to the customer helpdesk. Finally I broke and used Arun's corporate connection to reach the corporate customer helpdesk and got the call transferred to the regular customer helpdesk.

After hearing my complaint and threatening to move out of Airtel, they accepted to look into the matter and gave me a complain number(5492359, Date: 25th July 2005) stating that I will hear back from them in 24 hrs. The 24hr deadline is still approaching and I haven't received a call from them.

It would be better if Airtel stops bragging about providing network to remote areas and does something to help their pathetic services within the city.

I know that there will be numerous souls around bangalore frustrated because of Airtel and I am venting my anger out through this post.


rajagopalan said...

One more forum to venture our anger against Airtel !! ;-)

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