Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Google blog search

I can not resist from blogging this.
Google has joined the fray of blog search engines with its ultra-fast search.

Ok, What to try... I tried this blog and with sort of relevance, the Related Blog pointed out this blog clearly. Awesome.... But rest of the results seemed crappy to me as I was not related to any of those. I do not know how they rank those blogs high on the list.

I tried sorting by Date and there came the google with the bang. Almost all my recent updates are listed in the results section. Pretty fast though. So with google's entry the blog search arena will be hot and will also get a close watch.


Abhinav Agarwal said...

Awsesome! It was just a matter of time before Google started doing this exclusively for blogs. I thought if they search non Blogger blogs also? And yes they do - a blog hosted on LiveJournal came up first.

Arunkumar said...

blogsearch is cool and fast. i can search for my blogs.

1 more thing. now i can search for my blog @ regular google search itself.

Are these both related?


Rajakumar said...

I guess, that is insignificant. Once they add your blog to their master index, then search for vanilla google should be possible.