Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Got my camera back

Just got it repaired back. After an arduous wait of over 2 months, I got my Canon Powershot A70 camera returned from Canon Service. As I reported earlier (link to my earlier post) it was down with the CCD manufacturing defect.

Though I had to wait for a long time, I am quiet satisfied with the service. The Canon center representative was approachable and cooperative. They gave me the status every now and then. Even the delay was attributed to CCD out off stock as there was a large number of turnout for the CCD replacement.

I haven't tested the camera completely, but took a couple of shots at the service center to confirm that it is working. I am quiet pleased with the handling too. No scratches or rough handling.

The crux of this exercise is that I haven't spent a penny from my pocket, everything is taken care by the Canon Service. This is an exemplary of QoS.

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