Monday, January 30, 2006

Off from tech savy world

It was a rejuvenating weekend. Took off on friday to grab a long weekend. Spent half the time at my maternal grandmother's place in a rustic village farm house amidst raffling sound of tree leaves and unheard bird sounds (which one can not have in the chaotic city life). The peaceful atmosphere kindled a lot of thoughts. When you stay calm for a while in this kind of a place you start hearing your inner voice. You could think profoundly and make critical decision in an easier way.

For the rest of the period did a lot of talking (all due the lot of thinking) leaving my parents sullen.
My dad got a TVS Star City(deluxe) bike and I did most of the test ride over the weekend. The feel of the bike resembles much like Splendor. It is as light in weight as Splendor but with more engine power. The gear shifting is in the same fashion as Splendor (shift from the traditional TVS way). Will get some pictures next time.

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