Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New trend in surrendering

It is obvious, observing the incidents attached to the mysterious ill-health of Rahul Mahajan (the son of slain BJP leader Pramod Mahajan), of the new trend followed by the suspects. All the suspects has turned to private channels to air their statement before surrendering to the police.

With the media hypocrisy going among the channels, it is no wonder that media doesn't hesitate to air such fresh news to attract the masses.

The police will be put under immense pressure to get the real truth and prove their trustworthiness. They will not be in a position to manhandle the suspects to get truth out of them that contradicts the news in the media.

Apparently with the media airing all the angles of the story, it becomes quiet a overdose for any common man and ends up confusing things a lot. Will there be any prudence/discretion in airing such disclosures or will there be a ban on such things will be answered as time flies by.

Update: Apparently one of the suspect contradicted his earlier statement given to the media. What a heck!

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