Friday, June 09, 2006

Tribute to President of India

Though there are many qualities that one likes in our President APJ Abdul Kalam, I like to mention three top most of them

1. Not a rubber stamp

From the past experiences, most of the times the President is considered as a rubber stamp to the ruling government approving all the bills and amendments passed by the parliament. By rejecting the Office of Profit amendment bill our President stands tall from the usual claim. He has become a prefect precedent setting high standards for many other presidents to come in the future.

2. Active

Generally the eminent person selected for the President post are in the age group of 70+. At such age most presidents had lacked activeness and willingness to take risks. Again our president had ditched those myths and in this year he has tried travelling in submarines and Su30-MKI fighter planes which no other presidents would dare to do.

3. Reach people

Our president has again raised the bars in the area of reachablility. The interest he shows in mingling with common people and not staying secluded inside Presidential palace is well appreciated. Though I am not aware of how other presidents had their reachability, I am certain that our current President is much higher on this.

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