Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do not leave ethics at home

While discussing with my dad about the aspects of this materialistic world, he mentioned a couple of adages that he read in an article published in "The Hindu". The following is the excerpt of the complete article.

In today’s world there are seven deadly sins that mankind is witnessing. They are:

•politics without principle

•wealth without work

•pleasure without conscience

•knowledge without character

•business without morality

•service without humanity

•worship without sacrifice

The adage “People leave ethics at home when they move with world” is very apt today. Many refuse to adapt human values and culture. But, it is a proven fact that people who live ethical and moral lives are much happier than those who live without it.

People chase wealth. They show concern in accumulating wealth in their prime. But, in the later stages they end up using the entire wealth to restore their health. We do not realise that the most important asset in the world are our children. They bring meaning to one’s life. Parents should show some concern in grooming children in moral and ethical values, and not only in making money.

It is this that will make them succeed in their professional and personal life. Lack of ethics and morality have been major factors behind the downfall of many firms and corporates, in spite of them having excellent vision and mission.

It is in the hands of parents and elders to bring about the needed change in children and youth to make future generations strong in character. As Einstein said, “Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to be a man of human values”, children should be made to realise that only human and moral values preserve the culture of a country.


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