Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Aquaguard - Another bashing at their poor service

When you are a proud owner of any of the aquaguard water purifiers, you ought to face the shoddy customer service. I have inova model and this is my experience.

1. On the first year of the product, you are deemed to get free service every 6 months. This won't happen automatically with aquaguard, you have to remember your service cycle and pester them repeatedly to get their attention.

2. The service guy has inadequate knowledge about the parts and has to get telephonic support

3. Better be vigilant while the service guy performs the service. In my case, we found that the filter is broken, the service guy notified that to us. Then he spoke to his manager and reverted back saying that the filter is normal. On pushing, we found that he has been asked by his manager to tell so. Secondly he promised us to replace the filter and later we found out that his intention was to replace using a used spare filter. On being adamant of getting a fresh filter, he promised one by pulling it out of a fresh product.

4. Service guy has no tools. He doesn't carry any plumbing tools.

Any reviews on how the Philips Water purifier is performing?

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