Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How is public money spent in Karnataka

From the rediff article on how the public money gets wasted by the so-called elected politicians...

"A political crisis is viewed as disastrous in terms of development of the state. Investors are scared to invest, projects hang in balance thus giving the people an additional headache. However if there is someone who is happy is the old car dealer.

Thanks to unstable governments and new netas occupying the chair every now and then due to political instability, 125 official cars have been auctioned off.

The reason -- new ministers refuse to use the cars used by their predecessors for superstitious reasons."

"Each time the government changes, the state coughs up at least Rs 10 crore on new cars, sources said."

"The maintainence of the cars used by all the ministers comes up to a whooping Rs 3.5 crore a month."

Source: Rediff news

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