Thursday, January 27, 2005

Awake from dormancy

After 6-7 months of dormancy I am back to blogging. Nothing serious or interesting happened that had kept me away from blogging. Let me see how much I can keep up this spirit now.

Today, I started the day by going through a couple of good blogs, which inspired me (although instantly and suddenly) to look back and start again.

A painting a day -

And another one

This blog has ended up in a controversy as the authour had criticised his employer. It has come under the radar and has raised issues pertaining to privacy, blogging rules/guidelines.

So there are lessons that can be learnt from other mistakes. Anyways this blog is a personal one and will not host anything official.

I see lot of advantages that a blogger could get from blogging... apart from getting his personal perspective out to the world.
For those who doesn't have the habit of writing a diary, it could serve as an e-diary.
For those whose mother-tongue is non-English, could learn to write in better english.
You can increase your vocab power, learning the usage of words and really test your skills by putting them to use at your own site.
More than that it is fun.
For ppl who are worried about waste of time, it takes less than 5 mins. (for this one I took some 10 mins)
So go blogging.

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Guru said...

hi raja! keep it keep bloggin regularly..
I have mine at ..but dormat for nearly a year !!