Friday, January 28, 2005

Continuous Learning

This is the topic for today. As many reputed scholars said, learning should be continuously happening throughout the life. Many of us think that we need not learn any further once we are out of school. It is not true. Learning happens everyday. Something new should be learnt everyday to enhance yourself to the fastly changing world. Learning is not just the one that you do when you read a book. Just do not stop at technical level also, even the normal chores that you do daily could help you to learn something new.

What did I learn today?

antediluvian means very old or out of date. I came across this word when i was reading the bestseller Da Vinci Code novel by Dan Brown.
petite - small, little or danity. I came across this word in some online article in CNET.

Through Da Vinci code novel, I learnt some history about the Jesus Christ and Leanardo Da Vinci and his secret society. The facts published by the novel seems to make a lot of sense and plausible. It seems a lot logical.

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