Monday, May 09, 2005

Is KG Master health checkup worth?

If you want to know the answer right away then it is "NO".

Last week, I took my parents for a MHC in KG Hospitals in Coimbatore. I did choose KG because of two reasons
  1. We did a MHC five years back there and was statisfied then
  2. It would be easy to compare the results with the past checkup results.
(The Week magazine, which did a review of hospitals gave a good rating to KG)

To the contrary of our expectations, KG's MHC is very shoddy this time. Quality has degraded way down. On the arrival at the hospital at 8:30 am, we registered at the reception. Their patient system faulted and could not retrieve the data. Some how they managed to recover the details and later to be found that the address is garbled.

Then we went for the series of lab tests (blood, urine, x-ray, abdominal Ultra-sound scan, ECG and spirometry tests). At the end of these tests, the results were scanned by a general doctor and a counselling session on diet and life-style. If you had any specific ailments, then you are taken to a specialist for consultation. Mind you are permitted to meet the specialist only when you have any ailments. This means that you should have been diagnosed prior to this check-up.

This way of MHC really spoils the spirit of health-checkup. MHC is taken as regular precautionary routine to identify ailments at the begining and take corrective step-us and thereby reduce risks, pain and suffering. Hospitals like KG promise all these tests done under one-roof so we need not run to various labs across the city to perform all these tests.

The same MHC, five years back, performed the same tests and let us meet the specialist in each field. We meet eye, ENT, dental, dermatology, ortho, neuro, general physician and gynecologist. Each of these specialist provided their views and advice based on the various test results. All this were missing time. Patients of MHC are given least priority and are treated as ordinary out-patients. (I even noticed an eye specialist shouting at his staff at bringing in MHC patients, though I do not know reason behind it). We even meet a dietician who adviced us about the food controls that we need to follow for betterment.

To keep up with the same advice, the canteen provided us awesome food (which is part of the MHC package). There were cereals and fresh green vegetables. In the five years the canteen has suffered the worst damage. Firstly the canteen wasn't neat. I felt as if I have entered a mess (makeshift hotel) and the food served was in poorest quality. They really lacked any green vegetable or cereals. It reminded me of the hostel food that I had while in GCT.

If food served to patients are this great (surcastically), then there is only a bleak chance to recover any soon. All the more it was shoddy show put up by KG. My verdict is just 2/5. It is very below average. I have decided to change my attitude towards KG. Next time it is going to be some other hospital for MHC.

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Casey Ram said...

Thank you Raj. Looks like your experience with KG hospital is a decade ago. Any recent experience? If not KG which one you would prefer now?