Friday, May 27, 2005

Wi-fi @ our house - Proposal

We have come up with a nice proposal. With the advent of DataOne broadband at our house, we are seeking option to convert our house as Wi-fi enabled. We are planning to acquire a Wi-fi router and get it hooked to the DataOne router. Gops has some concerns on hooking mutiple-routers this way. Let me know your suggestions in case if you are an expert in this area or your experiences in this kind of seup.

Now I am concerned about getting a laptop to enable me work at home!

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Arunkumar said...

come what may... we are making our house wireless :)
i am on for it and my wireless router is on its way from ebay's warehouse for a cost of 30$

My manager here has his house wi-fi enabled and i can get all techi details from him for the necessary configuration.