Tuesday, May 03, 2005

No post?

Am I getting void of topics? No, not at all. I am deprieved of free time in office which I could use to blog and do related things. Need to catch up a lot on the work front which keeps me busy all through the day.

Remedy...I need to get net access at my home to get this going back in full throttle.

Anyway these days I am following large number of blogs daily. Scobble, Jeremy, Mark Jen, Jonathan Schwartz, Joel, Google's blogs, etc.

My bloglines subscription has touched 18 feeds now. There are some more pending subscriptions.

I really envy the web infrastructure present in US where by ppl are able to get thmeselves hooked even from hospitals through wifi. Dishnet is comming up with such kind of public wifi network. I am not sure how fast and reliable it will be and how much they charge. Wifi is yet to unfold here.

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