Thursday, December 15, 2005

Posting from desktop posting tool

via plaxoed

I just read about w.bloggar in a post by Mark Jen. Thought of trying though I had skepticism whether Blogger will be supported. It is cool... blogger has exposed a set of predefined APIs for these kind of desktop posting applications and w.bloggar perfectly implements it.

This pretty app gives us control to draft and store the posts even when you are not connected. Once you get connected, you can upload the posts in a click. Quiet awesome.

Need to try how this copes with photos.


Abhinav said...

how many tools must a man use before he is called a geek (to paraphrase Bob Dylan)? I use Blogger, Picasa, Hello, Flickr already for blogging... And now Plaxo? :-)

Rajakumar said...

Abhinav, No it is not Plaxo. I guess you miss took it. I got this info via blog called plaxoed. The tool is called wbloggar. It integrates everything that you use to blog. It is much more helpful in case when you manage your blog in a separate site of your own and do not have a pretty neat interface to post enteries. More over you can use it to create and save posts on your desktop and then post it at one shot when you get connected.