Thursday, December 29, 2005

slap on the face of politicians

Infosys chief and mentor Narayana Murthy while delivering his alumni address at NIT bangalore, delivered slur against the inexplicable corrupt politicians of the state.

Link to rediff article

The highlight of the address is the stat
"Indians, the chief mentor of the Nasdaq-listed IT major said, spent over Rs 21,000 crore (Rs 210 billion) in bribes and illegal payouts in 2004 -- close to one per cent of the country's GDP."

Could our mighty politicians who trumpet their own virtues answer this one?


coolkrishnan said...

Bribe is a phenomenon that is not restricted to politicians alone..... It is there everywhere.... The attitude of an average college guy who does nt think twice before bribing a cop for violating traffic rules is also corruption..... We the people are basically corrupt..... and politicians are not from mars, they are from among us...... Moral cleansing of the entire society is required to eliminate corruption....

Rajakumar said...

I agree to your point.

My point over here is that since the elected representatives are corrupt and they are in the power, they cannot curtail the corruption at the lower rung.