Monday, March 12, 2007

Aquaguard == monopoly

Another incident of sheer monopoly.

Aquaguard is an undisputed leader in the world of water purifiers in India. They practice unethical marketing strategies to sell their products to the households. They sell their products in door-door marketing fashion. So their marketing agents just tell all possible lies on earth to convince you to buy their product. On the day, when your first annual maintenance contract ends, you have to face the brutal facts about their product.

I bought a Aquaguard Reviva (Reverse Osmosis) based purifier about a year back. At that time I was told that the membrane has to be changed only when it wears out and its average life-time is about 8000-12000 lts of water. I did a simple math and for two persons the potable water consumption per day is about 10 lts and the membrane should last for about 2.5 years.

When the first year was over, the service engineer came and told us that we had to change the membrane and it wont last more than a year. The cost of the membrane is about 2500Rs and with the maintenance expense comes to about Rs3600 per year (which works out to be more expensive than if you buy mineral water from some vendor).

You are left in lurch as you wont get any spares outside in the market and you had to be dependent on their service for the life. Secondly they are free to charge any amount for the service and mostly will not heed to complaints (one could see lot of people complaining about their shoddy service network in the net) .

The height is that I have bought one more purifier from them as I am left with none in the market that could satisfy the requirements. They win and we loose the case always!


Simple Sreeni said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I bought this product in 2009 July and in 6 months membrane has gone bad and it is not covered under Warantee (comes under consumables). It hasn't worked for not more than 3000 liters, what a lie and shoddy product these people sell.

I did later find from another small vendor that they sell very similar product at bulk reselling rate of Rs 5300 (Aquaguard Reviva costs 10000) and the other product has auto-flush feature. There is nothing great inside this purifier, all sourced from thrid party suppliers - membrane, tiny motor and two other low tech cartridges. Eureka Forbes is an absolute unethical business entity who sell directly with so many lies, charge 2x than what it should cost and try to enslave you for life with service contracts!

Can we file a class-action suite against them? Or start a campaign against them.

To be honest, these water purifiers will give better tasting water but won't assure safety because to be 100% sure we need to use such clean water for cleaning dishes, fruits, vegitables, rinsing mouth/hands etc which will never happen. Additionally when you eat outside, restaurant's won't use RO purified water making chutney, juices or other stuff, so we are still vulnerable. If we are not falling sick because we have good immunity or water supplied by muncipalities has been chlorinated enough to kill germs. Most of the time we fall sick because of viral infection which happens through air!

Rajesh said...

Hello, Same here, I too bought aquaguard water purifier for 10k odd.Now after 1 year i am coming to know that every year i have to pay 4000 odd as AMC .BULL SHIT this shows that using unethical means this fraud company is surviving.If someone buys their products you are gone for life .Just imagine buying a product for 10k and using it for a period of 20 years .(20 years * 4000p.year)you end up paying 80000 alone on amc .If every consumer comes to know this fact , i doubt this fraud company will be able to sell a single water purifier.
If if can bring this to everyones notice we can prevent innocent people from getting duped by this company.

Agam Singh said...

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Anand Mohandass said...

I should have read this blog before I bought Aquaguard Total Protec Plus, You are so right in saying the cost of maintenance of the product goes far beyond buying mineral water from a vendor.

There are quality mineral water available near my residence. Now I feel Cheated and fooled. Never buy Eurekha Forbes Products.

Madhan said...

Exactly even i paid for AMC still their service is very worst , i am begging them to come and attend the service more that 4 days but their reply is we will come tomorrow, heaven sake please don't go with this product

yamini varma said... There is nothing great inside this purifier, all sourced from thrid party suppliers - membrane, tiny motor and two other low tech cartridges. Eureka Forbes is an absolute unethical business entity who sell directly with so many lies, charge 2x than what it should cost and try to enslave you for life with service contracts!

yamini varma said...


• Thanks for giving me aquaguard Ro water purifier system. its good water purifier. better tasting water but won't assure safety because to be 100% sure we need to use such clean water for cleaning dishes, fruits, vegitables, rinsing mouth/hands etc which will never happen. Additionally when you eat outside, restaurant's won't use RO purified water making chutney

Anonymous said...

Yes.. They are BIG cheaters.
As soon as 1 year tenure finish they knock the door for asking AMC!

they asked me 4300 for AMC.. really we need to get it changed in 1 year.. how to make sure that water which is still Auquaguard is providing is safe for drinking.

When i asked same que to sales man.. he said its life is 1 year only, but i don't agree with it.

Aquaguard Customer Care Service Number said...

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Anonymous said...

I do also own an Aquaguard RO Enhance and did a lot of research to get it self serviced without get cheated by these frauds. Feel free to call for any help. I'll try my best to resolve it


blocol said...

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Vishal said...

I am using Aquaguard reviva from last 8 years. Although there are not much issues as far as the usage is concerned but the service cost is too high. Also I am not convinced with their argument that the filter has only one year life and needs replacement irrespective of the usage.

Jaidev Lodh said...

See guys , In water purifying industry every purifier has consumables whose costs are generally bear by customers thats why these assembles are named as consumables. I work in dubai for in same industry as an engineer and here also every companies have same policy and here the citizens are very well educated as compare to so called Educated Indian customers. Here customers know the exact meaning of the word "Consumable" hence they pre plan its expenses when they buy any water purifier. Even a case study in IIM-A showed that 80% plus Indian customers don't even know how to use and place refrigerator as suggested by companies in its technical handouts. To all Indian I wanna say Eureka Forbes is a great company company formed under shapporji pallonji, TATA and Electrolux as i know has played big role in Dubai market as we get technical help from this big company for our small companies here. Salesman is an employee, his kind of job is temporary based on salary , his work is to sell product sometimes without giving complete information about product and company's policy because Indian customers are not much eductaed in terms of basic IQs. They should ask all sort of questions to salesman for any product for complete knowledge. No company is a cheater, if it is then it wld never survive in this dynamic market for more than 50 yrs.

radhika said...

hahaha..... Guys open your eyes before judging a big limited company which has NASEOH . I am proud that i am well educated not because just to work as a software developer in my mnc company, it is because I do utilize my brain before making any decision after proper research. I stocked all sort of questions and information before buying pirticulary any water purifier. I know if I am buying a purifier I future I also have to spend money on its consumable. I am a great fan of this brand Aquaguard as from y childhood I am addicted to its purest water I get .And thanks to my family that they afforded an Aquaguard in that period when there were no other water purification brands in the market. This is my 3rd job and all my three mnc IT gaint companies are using Aquaguard machines and plants because of its great quality product and service.

Anonymous said...

i have the same product in all the 4 house, i change the filter every year by myself, the cost of all the filer will come about Rs 1700. my 6 year old daughter change the filter it is that easy. never contact a service person. Aquaguard them self buy filter from a different company and fix it to their product,

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Gyan War said...

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Kabir Thapar said...

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Aveen said...

Thanks for giving a platform to share our woes. Bought an Aquaguard purifier (RO+UV) for about 15000 INR last Jan. Now after the warranty period of 1 year am due to get my AMC renewed and their basic plan i.e. SILVER costs INR 4800. Shelling out approx 5 grand for annual maintenance is too high. These hidden maintenance costs are not read out during the initial purchase. It is just plain loot by this company.

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Anonymous said...

My complaint is the filters that service folks replace does not have any MRP mentioned on it. They can quote whatever they want and it's rip off. On their website they don't sell these parts. Smart chaps.

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Anonymous said...

Eureka Forbes — Sixty Five days and still waiting for any one from the team to respond and attend the concern

Dear Eureka Forbes Team,

And the nightmare continues from the date of purchase RO from so called FRIENDS FOR LIFE…

On 3th October 2017, I have paid the charges (Rs. 5020) for Comprehensive AMC for Dr. Aquaguard Magna HD RO+UV (It includes replacement of all internal Cartridges, Membrane, and Biotran as per details given on Website).

On 5th October 2017, (Request no. 2004979997) I have filed the request for 1st AMC Visit and replacement of parts under AMC as the RO was not dispensing any water.

As usual without any information / phone call an Engineer came for service without any parts. On the same moment I contacted the local Euro Manager for the unavailability of replacement of part and shockingly he simply denied the fact of replacement of any part and started the arguments,. After sending him the image of website stating the all consumable to be replaced under AMC, he agreed to send the person again for Service.

But till date no one came …

Meanwhile I contacted him 3-4 time but he simply agreed to solve the issue but you guys never attended that and didn't even care about it.

After that have discussed the issue with your customer care executive and register the request for 3 more time (Req. No. 2005142204 dated 18 Ct 2017, Req. No. 2005328484 dated 31st Oct 2017 and Req. No. 2005795926 dated 7th Dec. 2017) but till date there is no response from your side.

Every time I get assurance from your customer service executive that they feel sorry for the same and will solve the issue in 24 hours and now after 65 days the problem is as it is.

Yesterday I had a talk with Sr. person Lavanya and she also assure the same but the problem is unsolved.

This is my FIFTH COMPLAINT on this portal for the same concern along with this i have raised the same concern on your portal for two times. Don't know how many times i have to complain again for your silly mistakes.

Instead of having a tag as 'FRIEND FOR LIFE' use the line 'HARASSMENT AND TORTURE FOR LIFE'. You guys are not only wasting my time but, also my money (Till date I have spent Rs. 2000.00 on purchase of Drinking Water. Does Eureka Forbs payback the same.).

I would like to know whether you guys wanted to attend the concern or not. If it is a NO then clearly say it here so that i can go to next level by moving to consumer court.


Frustrated and Irritated Customer

Prashant Bhidkar (Cust Id. 8000605543)

Ronak Shah said...

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