Monday, March 12, 2007

Track BMTC VOLVO Buses using SMS

One of few things that have improved in bangalore over the past year is BMTC. BMTC started deploying VOLVO buses in its city service fleet and it was an instant hit. No more you need to haggle with autowala's. You get a plush ride in clean A/C VOLVO buses with minimal cost (compared to autos). The buses are of state-of-the-art kind equipped with entertainment system, GPS enabled and information system.

Lately, BMTC introduced SMS tracking of these buses. The service is called "Yelli Iddira". You can track the position of a particular bus by sending an SMS. It is really a boon as we need not wait endlessly in bus stops for the bus to arrive. With ever mounting traffic, you can track the buses real time.

Photo courtesy: BMTC site.

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