Monday, March 12, 2007

Planetarium and Musical Fountain

Out of the few places to visit in bangalore, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is one. As per their website, you got to see some replicas, science park, exhibition and a tele-show in the dome screen.

On the first look, the whole campus is dilapidated. There is no entry free for the science park. There are some simple experiments demonstrating the basics physics facts and only a few of them work. The experiment showing sound waves traveling in a parabolic path is simply amazing.

For the tele-show the entry fee is Rs25 and it runs full house during weekends. The night sky shown in the dome screen is breath-taking.

Musical Fountain is located just opposite to the planetarium and the show starts in the evening by 7:00 pm. In order to club these two together, take the 4:30 show in planetarium and get to the musical fountain show at 7:00 pm.


rajagopalan said...

Never gone to these places. Should visit once... Are these open in the weekends ?

Rajakumar said...

Yes, open on all the weekends.