Thursday, May 03, 2007

Online Vulnerabilities

The other day when I was having a conversation with a friend using orkut scrapbook, suddenly I realized how much personal information is left open to the world wide web. Scrapbooks are not private, anyone can read others scrapbook. If one could correlate they could get all vital information about a person.

Other way if one uses mail, there is much more confidentiality involved. Mailboxes are private. Hence the rule to delete scrapbook entries once I reply. By the way then why is there a scrapbook and what is its purpose?


coolkrishnan said...

Scrap book is a weird idea. it is good only for general discussion among ur friends without getting into too many personal details.

Actually, it is meant for initiating communication with a member - like requesting friendship etc.... It should not be used for anything else....

crap book.

Rajakumar said...

Yes, though the site gets you social networking, but the cost of it that you get all your personal details leaked out.