Monday, June 25, 2007

Sony Ericsson K550i review

After a span four years with Motorolla C350i, I moved to Sony Ericsson K550i.

I guess I am the one to use Motorolla C350i to the max extent. This cell phone's battery started cranking out about 6 months back, I somehow managed extending its life (because of under usage).

Before starting to lookout for a new mobile, I just framed my must-have requirements.

1. Good call quality
2. Good battery life
3. Good camera (~2 MP)
4. MP3 player support
5. *No* 3G (no affordable 3G support in any near future, that is my prediction)
6. Price range Rs ~10K
7. Form factor - Candy Bar (easy single hand handling)
8. Connectivity - Bluetooth, IR, GRPS, Quadband

This restricted search resulted in a couple of options. I blatantly ignored LG, Samsung and Motorolla for their poor battery life and build quality.

So the options were
1. Sony Ericsson K550i
2. Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300 didn't pass the litmus test with its poor battery (before this phone I believed that Nokia had the reputation of good batteries, but in the reviews it has been stated that Nokia changed their battery to gain the slim factor). So the best choice I am left with is Sony Ericsson K500i. Before hitting the stores, I read through the reviews on CNet Asia and GSM Arena.

Somehow these reviews lacked that feel good factor. Eventually when I had the phone on my hand, I was impressed. The build quality is much superior than I expected. Based on a couple days of use, the phone is beating all my expectations.

1. Good camera with better options
2. Comes with all standard connectivity options (read the specs)
3. Good battery (with full charge running for 2-3 days, avg use)
4. Mp3 player is awesome (generates easier navigation list)
5. Accessible keys
6. Speaker phone support
7. Neat look
8. Slim - 14mm
9. Value for money

1. Smaller keys (do not bother much unless you message a lot)

What is in the pack:
1. K550i phone
2. Battery (Li-ion)
3. USB cable
4. Hands-free
5. Charger (universal)
6. Software CD and Docs

Recommended for those with aforesaid requirements.


Anonymous said...

You did not mention what price did you pay...

Rajakumar said...

@ bangalore - Sangeetha Rs 9.4K

r4i software said...

The sound quality is superb. the imaging and screen savers are attractive. The phone have captured virtually areas one may portion interest.