Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Indian Infrastructure - a distant dream

Beginning this week, I am on an official visit to US. The route is to fly via Singapore, Seoul and SFO. At all these places the airports are true in class, in terms of space, architecture, cleanliness and facilities for passengers. The photos speaks for themselves.

Planes parked in SQ Changi Airport

Runway view of SQ

Travelers Lounge in SQ

SQ ready to handle A380



Dustbins in SQ



Reception in SQ

Gateway in Seoul

Escalator in Seoul

Lounge in Seoul

Runway in Seoul

This is the bird taking me from SQ to SFO

Flight SQ16 parked

Incheon Airport


Korean Air

Panaromic view of airport

Way to go

SFO Airport Front view


Now compare these with Indian airports. Are we anyway near? Having these kind of infrastructures in India seems like a distant dream.


coolkrishnan said...

good compilation

Anonymous said...

Cool pics.

India has a different fabric. its population, its people.

Visit one of the new airports at hyd/ BLR/ mumbai.
its really cool. it works. and if you use your high res camera, it will give excellent results here as well.