Friday, June 12, 2009

Iomega Select Portable HDD

As part of 10 yrs of Iomega in India promotion, we were offered Iomega products at
33% discount from the MRP. There were additional discounts on certain products as well.

Most of the sale were related to portable HDDs. I picked up Iomega Select Portable HDD - 250GB drive. The Select range of portable HDD has fiber cover which offers better look, grip and static proof compared to aluminum casings in other ranges.

The HDD came with a USB cable and quick user guide. Iomega offered us Retrospect software as backup solution with 3yrs of extended warranty.

The portable HDD is pre-formatted for Windows and runs like a charm. The USB2.0 is real fast in copying the contents. The Select model has ventilation gaps for heat dissipation.