Friday, June 05, 2009

Connecting multiple monitors to laptop

It is widely acclaimed that having multiple monitors increases the productivity. One gets wider viewing area and having different applications opened in the monitors helps you to concentrate and work better. I had been toying with this idea for a while and seem to reap some benefits.

Hardware setup
Dell D630 laptop
Dell Docking station (model: PR01x)
Two 19' Dell monitors

Software setup
Win XP

Use the usual VGI video cable to connect first monitor.
Use the DVI cable to connect the second monitor.
The docking station should have support for DVI port.

Now, you need to configure your OS to use two monitors.

With Win XP, Go to Display Properties and attach the second monitor.
Identify and check both the monitors
One can swap the monitor position on the Display properties window to suit your monitor placement
Install MultiMon (freeware) to get the Taskbar on the second monitor

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