Thursday, February 10, 2005

Rat Hunt

As the clock was ticking towards 12 midnight, I was preparing the bed for my sleep. I was reading Angels and demons relaxingly. Suddenly I felt something creeping on the bedside. Something came running and i was awe stuck, it was a huge rat. Then started the Rat hunt drama.

The shocking sound from me, made everyone (even sleeping roommates) to awake. We made a plot and decided to let the rat escape. Closed all the doors and kept one door open so that the rat can take a safe passage and get out of the house (without bothering us too much).

Everybody was trying to scare the rat so that it will run out of the house. But the rodent took all this is in opposite sense and was trying to hide itself. I was having a bat and trying to hit it in the ground to scare the rat. All of the sudden, the rat came right between the bat and ground and got a hit. I guess, the hit was huge and it would broke its skull, leading to some kind of brain haemorrhage. It twisted and died in seconds. Though I did it unintentionally, the unlucky rodent had its end from my hand.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's lot easier to use a spring loaded mouse trap with a bait.

If there is no intention to kill then use other variety of mouse-trap that can capture it alive.

Make a list of rat uses and abuses,if there is ever a need to justify your actions to the health department.