Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Incomprehensible question

Last weekend I had a chance to meet some of my (rarely met) relatives, whom doesn't get apprised about my current doings. After the usual exchanges of well beings and wishes, the first question that I get is "what am I doing now?" Unfazed, I answer them promptly (according to their level of understanding) that I have started working. The immediate next question (without any exceptions) is that they ask me how much do I get as a compensation? I had to patch, blabber and get something out to answer it.

I am really stumbled when everybody asked me the same question. Immatter how close/known they are to me? Why the hell do they want to know my remuneration? Are they going to judge me based on my remuneration? They are not going to any financial dealing with me! Still without any reluctancy they ask me that?

Now I have decided to answer the question with another question? "why do you want to know ?"

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