Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Assimilate the learnings

This thought was going in me for quite some time now.

I tend to forget the things that I learned a few days back. When I go through it again, everything looks fresh as if I am seeing it for the first time. Though we tend to forget the facts and learnings, I feel that this is quite unnatural. Some where in an artcile, it was stated that the facts/learnings stored in our memory gets faded out day by day and hence refreshing the memory in time is quite important.

When I did a self analysis about this, I found that I missed an important step while learning something. There was not assimilation. I learned something (in a fast pace) and found that everything is understandable to me and never bothered to absorb the learnings. The facts learned were in a kind of temproray memory and got quickly erased. Hence I forgot it sooner and looked fresh to me.

From now on, learning should happen at your own pace of assimilation! Otherwise there is not fruitfulness is learning something.

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