Monday, February 21, 2005

Agrarian duties

I was depressed over the past week's developments and was trying to recuperate and come over it. Spent a nice time relaxing at home. Tried to redistribute my attention to various other personal issues at hand. Took a couple of indoor shots (mostly macro), enjoyed my time relaxing and lying on the brand new sofa set.

It is a teak wood sofa with thick 6 inch cushion and provides hard support to the lumbar. This makes comforatbale sitting. But I felt that the cushion is bit hotter and leads to sweating.

So what is the title upto? After the pretty relaxing stuff, thought of helping my dad with his agrarian duties. For the first time, got into cultivation field and took care of irrigation of the fields. We are cultivating oil seeds. Our farm comes under LBP (Lower Bhavani Project) irrigation scheme. In the mean while also learnt the internals of this irrigation scheme.

1 Acre Land = 1 hr of water for irrigation (Though it is insufficient still have to manage with it).
Rather than time based control, the irrigation should be based on quantity. There are lot of negative factors that plays spoil sport.

This scheme provides water continuously for every alternate 10 days. This should continue until end of april to complete the cultivation (but this depends on the water level in the bhavani reservoir and the mood of mighty politicians). The irony is that everthing is controlled by idotic politicians who are devoid of skills to adjudge the situation and are narrow minded with selfish attitude.

There are 51 acres of cultivable land associated together and we get the turn to irrigate every 51 hrs. So it is going to be hard time for my dad as he need to do it over the night.

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