Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Migraine and its deadly attack

Yesterday I had been under the spiteful attack of migraine which ruined my complete evening and peaceful night sleep. I had been suffering from this for almost a decade now and there is still no respite.

A web glossary defines migraine as

A vascular headache believed to be caused by blood flow changes and certain chemical changes in the brain leading to a cascade of events - including constriction of arteries supplying blood to the brain and the release of certain brain chemicals - that result in severe head pain, stomach upset, and visual disturbances.

The dreadful part of migraine is that there is no cure for it. Just the pain killers to give temporary respite from the nerve-whacking single sided headache. It is really terrible to withstand the head-ache alongside with other symptoms like vomiting sensation. If a single attack is so deadly, then think about having two consecutive attacks. This is what happened last night and it is nightmare.

This piece is out of my analysis and experiences with migraine. This claim is NOT supported medically. There are specific triggers for setting off migraine. Say for instance, in my case eye-strain due to bad light / harsh light conditions is a triggering point. Try and avoid these triggering conditions. But still there are some more triggering points in me which I could not still find out. Another point to minimize the aggravation of migraine is to try and minimize stress. Avoiding stressful conditions or controlling your emotions under stress helps a lot to avoid migraine.

Let me be optimistic and hope that this would end soon.

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Anonymous said...

Check out NIH USA and you may be pleasantly surprized as to what you can do to counteract the diseses depending upon how swear it is and what may be causing it.