Thursday, March 03, 2005

Virulent Fever

Yes, this is the reason for my absence in registering my presence in blogspot (aha rhythmic).

I was feeling febrile almost for the entire week and it didn't subside even after swallowing the pain killers. There was also mild head-ache accompanying the raise in temperature. Consulting a general physician brought me jitters as he suspected the symptoms leading to mild Typhoid. Usually blood test should reveal its presence. But the catch is that the blood test should be performed after a gestation period of five days.

The suspicision brought me the worst nightmare I faced two years back. I suffered from an advanced form of Typhoid, which affected the spleen. I had to be admitted to hospital for 10 days and had to go through severe medication. I lost almost 7 - 8 kgs of weight.

Weighing all the options left to me, I decided to return to my hometown so that I could consult my family doctor (who treated the previous typhoid attack) and also get solace from my parents. This time the respite came much sooner than I imagined and the doctor confirmed that it is not a typhoid and it is the seasonal one. A couple of days of complete bed rest brought me back on track.

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