Tuesday, March 22, 2005

News: Pak releases Indian fishermen

Nowadays it has been a common occurrence that Indian fishermen being confiscated by Pak navy for charges of venturing into Pak waters for fishing. Finally they are released after spending some time in Pak jail.

This incident is not something specific to Pak, this happens in South India particularly TamilNadu, which is very close to SriLanka. Srilanka is just 35 kms off the Indian coast from Dhanuskodi. Since countries defend their boundaries so religiously, government should do something to protect fishermen from falling prey to crossing boundaries. With SriLanka, the effort to bring back the lost fishermen is easy as the diplomatic relations are well above the mark. But I guess it is not the same with Pak all the time.

I am not proposing that every fishermen should be provided with GPS instrument to navigate. Something from the technological point of view could be done to prevent venturing into neighbour's waters. This will safeguard our fishermen and their families to a greater extent. I believe that these fishermen are not those who have left hefty bank balance for their families to use in their absence.

Another point at this juncture is that I had never seen a news item stating that India has released Pak fishermen who had been confiscated for venturing into Indian waters. How does Pak prevents this from happening?

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