Monday, April 11, 2005

Fitness Freak

I have been doing physical exercises for the past 6 months regularly. The whole intention is to regain my fitness that I enjoyed while in school. The work out schedule is to jog for 20 minutes after warming up with the regular general exercises. I compliment the schedule with the standard abs exercise at the end.

While starting, it was really difficult to cope up. I use to feel tired at the end of the schedule. Nowadays I have got used to it. The work up time is during evenings on the weekdays and take off during weekends. This kind of physical activity has really payed me rich dividends.
  1. I have regained my fitness back (now I could jog 3.5kms in 21 mins)
  2. I have lost some extra weight that I had developed around the lower abdomen
I really figured out that my stamina level had really gone up, when our team went for an outing last Friday (8th April). We went to Eagleton resort off the mysore road. The whole intention of this outing is to play for the whole day and get ourselves exhausted.

Though the initial 2 hrs of cricket in sunny and humid out-field drained our energy a lot, I did not feel completely exhausted and had enough energy left to play badminton for another hour and half or so. After a refreshing lunch, I did play badminton for another hour and did swimming for another hour and half.

Even after this extensive work out, I did not end up in body aches. I could get back to shape within the weekend.

If I am looking like a fitness freak nowadays, for this I owe a lot to gautam, my friend, who really makes me to go to gym daily.

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