Saturday, April 23, 2005

Cure for Migraine

Couple of weeks back I had a spiteful attack of migraine and it drived me in search for a permanent cure for it. It is almost a decade that I am suffering from migraine. Also it is not the first time that I am searching for a cure. I had undergone many through checkups, consultations and medications. But none lasted long and did put a full-stop to migraine.

After much delibrations, this time I am taking up homeopathic medication which seems to be promising. Thanks to Arun for all the efforts in finding the homeopathic clinic. Btw he is also suffering from migraine for the past two years.

The homeopathic clinic is a voulantary organisation founded in 1987 and functioning very successfully until this moment. "Health for all" is the caption for this voluntary effort . It is located in DRDO township with a serene, peaceful atmosphere.

The consultation was really challenging as they try to understand what type of person you are? Lot of questions are asked based on which medicines are prescribed. So the onus is on the patient to give apt answers for the questions, so that they could judge you right. Better do a self-introspection before going to the consultation. When myself and Arun got consulted for migraine, totally different medicines are prescribed to us.

Medication based on character and behaviour seems to be core concepts of homeopathy. This is the first time I am taking up this type of medication. The real advantage of these kind of medications are that they are very much natural and zero side-effects. But the drawback is that it will take longer time to cure. The first course of my medication lasts for 50 days and three times a day, I need to take the pills (not exactly).

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