Saturday, April 23, 2005

Registration this short?

I have been reading few blogs for sometime now. When the number of blogs in your watch-list goes up, it is sure that you need a RSS Aggregator to watch, otherwise it becomes tedious to go to each blog and check daily whether there are any updates.

Bloglines is an online service which helps you to aggregate all the feeds that you like to watch. It helps you to organize and subscribe to list of feeds that you are interested in. So when you login you will be provided with the list of updates on each feed. This has really cut-down a lot of pain in following up the blogs.

An interesting thing I noted is that registration for bloglines is so simple, short and neat. It doesn't ask you all the head scratching questions. It just asks your email id and password. Nothing else. Rest all the info can be filled as you wish and no mandates.

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