Tuesday, June 21, 2005

F1 tussle

I follow a bit of F1, but I am not an avid geek to know all the nitty-grittes of it. I knew the pretty basics of the race jargons. Offlate, F1 has been hitting the news headlines in a different sort. With the agreement of teams ceasing in 2007, there are already issues brewing up on renewing the agreements. There were news sometime back stating that couple of teams has agreed not to renew their agreements but rather to have thier own F1 championships.

The rift became wider with 2005 US GP. 7 teams using Michelin tyres pulled out of the race stating safety concerns. With the rule to use the same tyres for both practise and race, there has been couple of accidents related to tyres. Though I am indifferent to the rule, the claim made by Michelin is not justifiable. If Bridgestone is able to thrive, then Michelin should be competitive enough.

But this fiasco has done enough damage to reputation and interests of F1.

What will be the future of F1?

More news at rediff, hindu.

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