Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Owners Pride Neighbours Envy

From the past month, I have been trying relentlessly to get my blog listed in the search sites index. There are couple of facets behind this effort. One is that your blog will be shown in the search results page. Another one is that you can enable blog search (site specific search) in your blog. The second one comes handy when you want to search your blog when there had been quiet a handful posts.

I am particularly interested towards getting my site listed in google's index. To get this done, one needs to understand how the google's spider / bots crunch the webpages and index them. One way is to get more incoming links to your blog so that the rank of your page increases (google's page ranking is based on the active links to your blog - this is the simplestic view). Another way is to use the ping service which sends a ping whenever you blog is updated. Third way to enable google adsense in your blog. Apart from increasing the incoming links, I have done the rest. But still my blog is unlisted in the index.

I saw Govar's blog listed in both Google and Yahoo search index. Kudos to him. Owners Pride and Neightbours Envy!


Govar said...

The blog rank and traffic increases tremendously as other (preferably famous) bloggers link us up. For that we need regular readers - not passers by. We hvae a circle of b-school bloggers. I was wondering if we coould've a net of GCT bloggers. Btw, I'll link you up in sometime when I edit the template.

I know that I'm listed. You got to use blogrolling for that. Take a look at my site. Was quite a surprise when someone told me I'm one of top100 Indian bloggers. :) http://india.blogstreet.com/top100.html

Rajakumar said...

Does adding blogrolling help in increasing the probability of getting added to the search index?

Govar said...

yes. It does. First it lists your blog. And when others blogroll you, your rank goes up. Its also to add links, your favorite blogs etc quickly to your list. Best is have a bunch of readers who visit each others' sites.